8 Easy Inexpensive Ways To Organize Your Small Bathroom

We all know the struggle of getting out of bed and starting the day. But what’s worst than leaving the comfort of your warm cozy bed in the morning?We’ll collectively agree nothing could be as horrifying as having to go about your morning rituals in a tight, inefficient bathroom. With  so many nick nacks- from shaving sticks, makeup, hair brushes- a tiny bathroom can get pretty crowded in no time. If you know too well the struggle of a clustered small bathroom, then read these 8 easy and inexpensive ways you can transform even the smallest of bathrooms to the most organized space in your home!
1) Adding a shelf above your sink is a great way to organize the things you use on a daily basis for easy access


Source: House Beautiful
2) The space above your toilet is often over-looked. This is a great storage space and can be spruced up with a stylish basket, a cabinet or even floating shelves.


Source: Lighthouse Shoppe


3) If you thought spice racks were only for the kitchen then think again! Hanging one or two spice racks on your bathroom wall can make a great storage space for your makeup. Revamp up an old spice rack with a lick of paint and you’re good to go!


Source: Aileen Rose via Flickr

4) A towel rack is one of those things you don’t think you need until you don’t have one. Not to worry though. Attach multiple towel racks on the back of your bathroom door to save space. You can easily hang your towels on the back of your bathroom door.


Source: tofermakowka.com


5) This one is for our ladies in the house. Hair Dryers can be quite cumbersome, so stuffing it in a drawer can defeat the purpose of space saving. But a quick trip to your tool box can fix all this. If you can’t get your hands on an inexpensive hair dryer holder, you can always repurpose a magazine holder or even using sturdy hooks like those in the picture below. Not only does this nifty solution save space, but it also makes finding your hair dryer easy. Win-win!


Source: My So Called Home


6) Bathroom cabinet sinks are great both for aesthetics and organization. But if you’re stuck with a pedestal sink or a wall mounted sink you can create your own storage space using a special space saver created for pedestal sinks such as the one pictured below.


Source: www.bedbathandbeyond.com


7) On the flip side- if you’ve been blessed with a cabinet underneath your bathroom sink, make the most of this space by throwing in some basket drawers. These can be easily stacked and will be the ultimate bestie for the cosmetic junkie with limited bathroom space. You can easily tuck all your cosmetics and extra toiletries away for a neat and accessible sink cabinet.


Source: www.realsimple.com


8) Now, if after all this you still need more space, then we have one last tip for you. A simple shelf mounted on top of your bathroom door could be your solution. We must advise though, make sure this is properly secure and not over loaded.


Source: My-So-Called-Home

Do you think any of these tips will help you? If you have more inexpensive crafty ways you’ve used to organize your bathroom please share with us!







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  1. Great article, but can it possibly be tailored to the Nigerian market with Nigeria links on where to get the items or similar ones locally?


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