Olympic Fever: How To Host The Perfect Olympic Party

The summer Olympics are here once again and this time it’s in the party capital, Rio de Janeiro! But don’t let our country’s economic woes bring you down. Just because you’re not able to be there celebrating doesn’t mean you can’t recreate the experience, right? By the time you’re done reading this, we guarantee that you will be ready to host a Brazilian themed party in the comfort of your own home. And just in time for Nigeria versus Colombia no less.

The Food

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One thing we have in common with the Brazilians is our love for parties! Yes, the Brazilians know a thing or two about having a good time. But what’s more important than partying? Getting your stomach prepared for the drinks and dancing of course. The Brazilian national dish- the feijoada, is the perfect meal to add some flavour to your Brazilian Olympic party. This stew of beans with beef and pork will give you and your guests all the energy you need for a fun filled Brazilian night in with friends and family. It’s super easy to serve to a large crowd and it will keep warm all night. Check out the recipe here.

The Drinks


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You’ve probably tried this once, twice, or too many times to remember, but did you know that the Caipirinha is the national cocktail of Brazil? Yes, this tasty and refreshing sugarcane-based drink is the most common alcohol beverage served in Brazil and you and your friends definitely need to knock back a few of these to have the most legit Brazilian Olympics party. Although the traditional recipe calls for Cachaça, you can substitute it with rum. Find the recipe here.

And if you’re crew wants non alcoholic options, why not serve cold coconut water, after all, that’s what the vendors will be selling at the beaches in Rio!

Now that we’ve got all that covered, we have just one question for you. Where’s the party at?!




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