Hypamovers Nightmare Story : Don’t Kill My Plants!

Pa and Ma Obiora are empty nesters, with a love for plants and flowers. The owned a beautiful home full of them. When the home, where they raised all their children, outlived its usefulness, they made plans to relocate to a smaller more convenient place at the other side of town.

Ngozi, their youngest daughter, decided to help and made arrangements for the move. As it was her first time managing such a project, Ngozi decided to hire a professional moving company. Her intention, however, was to go with the most affordable offer to save her parents some money. She invited a few companies to give her a quote and simply went with the cheapest.

On the day of the move, the moving company arrived, and as it turned out were not professionals but merely men with a van. The moving van which was used appeared smaller than expected. Even worse, the company had done a bad job planning for the move and did not take into account the plants and flowers, which were the most important items for the Obioras. Reluctantly, the moving company agreed to relocate the plans but had to figure out how to get them all in the van. The trucks were not properly stacked, which left little space for the flower pots and vases to be properly secured. In order to save himself from making additional trips, the lead mover convinced Ngozi that he could fit them properly into the truck. Inexperience in the way to properly handle plants, she gave the movers the go ahead.

On arriving at the new destination and as soon as the truck doors were opened, a number of plant vases came crashing down out of the van, breaking and damaging the precious plants. Ngozi was devastated and got into a screaming match with the movers. To add insult to injury, some of the labourers complained of getting pricked by some of their thorny plants.

The Obioras paid a great price hiring unqualified movers, sacrificing their precious plants and flowers along the way. It is very important to research your mover, and ask questions of your mover to better understand their experience and how they intend to handle your precious and irreplaceable items.

If you’re planning a move soon, let Hypamovers take the stress away.

Do you have any moving nightmare stories? Share them with us!




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