Hypamovers Nightmare Stories: Don’t forget about insurance!

I had just moved back to Nigeria from Europe and I was pretty nervous. I had heard lots of nightmare stories about  “professional movers” who ended up damaging peoples’ property and all they got in return was a quasi-heartfelt apology. I was determined not to have the same luck, particular as I had a very expensive antique desk, which I was certain could not be replaced if damaged.

I did my research of professional movers online and was able to narrow my list to three companies, which I felt could meet my needs. I interviewed them all and made the decision to go with a company that I felt was proficient, but most importantly claimed to provide insurance and was able to provide proof and assurances of how the process to make claims would work.

On the day of the move, things were going well  as hoped, and I was more than impressed with the company and their work ethic…until I heard shrill crash! I couldn’t believe my eyes as the one thing I had hoped would not be damaged or destroyed was laying on the floor before my eyes in pieces. My antique desk was no more. As one would expect, I was upset and threw a fit, however the perpetrators were clearly remorseful. They informed their manager immediately, who came to the scene and apologised profusely. I was certainly not interested in their apology, but once I started listening to what he had to say, I was reminded of the company’s insurance coverage. I could be rest assured that he would work with me through the entire process to ensure that I was compensated for most (if not all)  of the worth of the item.

My move did in fact turn out to be a nightmare; however, there was a silver lining as the company kept their word, and was in constant communication with me until their obligations were met and I received a claim on my item. I was pleased at the end of the day but a good lesson was learned. Yes accidents do happen, but never be caught without having insurance coverage for your items when moving homes.

Have you had a moving nightmare? Share your experience with us!

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