Hypamovers Nightmare Stories: Don’t forget about insurance!

I had just moved back to Nigeria from Europe and I was pretty nervous. I had heard lots of nightmare stories about  “professional movers” who ended up damaging peoples’ property and all they got in return was a quasi-heartfelt apology. I was determined not to have the same luck, particular as I had a very expensive antique desk, which I was certain could not be replaced if damaged.

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Hypamovers Nightmare Story : Don’t Kill My Plants!

Pa and Ma Obiora are empty nesters, with a love for plants and flowers. The owned a beautiful home full of them. When the home, where they raised all their children, outlived its usefulness, they made plans to relocate to a smaller more convenient place at the other side of town.
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Olympic Fever: How To Host The Perfect Olympic Party

The summer Olympics are here once again and this time it’s in the party capital, Rio de Janeiro! But don’t let our country’s economic woes bring you down. Just because you’re not able to be there celebrating doesn’t mean you can’t recreate the experience, right? By the time you’re done reading this, we guarantee that you will be ready to host a Brazilian themed party in the comfort of your own home. And just in time for Nigeria versus Colombia no less. Continue reading “Olympic Fever: How To Host The Perfect Olympic Party”

6 Tips To Prepare Your Home For The Rainy Season

6tipsIt’s been an unending raining season and although we enjoy the cozy weather it brings, we’ll be less than sad to see the rains go! But before the scorching sun comes back, we’ll leave you with our 6 best tips for preparing your home during these wet months. Continue reading “6 Tips To Prepare Your Home For The Rainy Season”